Judges 14-16



he Samson cycle Richard Elliott Friedman in The Hidden Book in the Bible attributes to J, remarkably because the word ‘hate,’ sânê’, of which Delilah accuses Samson of harboring for her, shows up frequently in J documents (Gn 24.60; 26.27; 29.31, 33; 37.5, 8; Nm 10.35). This is the Read More

Judges 7-9


ecause Richard Elliott Friedman is a literal reader, he cannot discern hidden transcripts, or the veiled verse of subversives who despised God’s draconian doctrines, which explains why in The Hidden Book in the Bible he fails to ascribe to the J Source portions of Judges (7.2-8, 16-22; 8.10-13).

Let … Read More

Joshua’s Wars and the J Source


lthough in The Hidden Book of the Bible Richard Elliott Friedman attributes Joshua 8.1-29 to the J Source, I disagree. I disagree because the J documents are subversive, which Jo 8.1-29 is not. As Friedman argues, an author’s worked is often identified by linguistic parallels, meaning the Source chooses … Read More

Joshua 7


ichard Elliott Friedman in The Hidden Book in the Bible argues the J Source composed all of Jo 7. Let us now look at a few key points in Jo 7. Joshua was confronted with an uncharacteristic moment of clarity when he realized what God meant when he said … Read More

Joshua 2


oshua 2 is a comedic story full of innuendoes that poke fun at the spies who Joshua discharged to reconnoiter the city of Jericho. Because the story mocked the spies, the mockery reflected on Joshua, their commander, who was ridiculed for his appointment of the spies who mucked up … Read More