The Conclusion of the J Source Documents in Joshua


ow about Jo 13.1-13, which, in The Hidden Book in the Bible, Richard Elliott Friedman attributes to the J Source: It is unlikely the J scribes are the authors, except, perhaps, for the phrase “Joshua was old and stricken in years,” ‘old and stricken’ appearing in J (Gn … Read More

Joshua’s Wars and the J Source


lthough in The Hidden Book of the Bible Richard Elliott Friedman attributes Joshua 8.1-29 to the J Source, I disagree. I disagree because the J documents are subversive, which Jo 8.1-29 is not. As Friedman argues, an author’s worked is often identified by linguistic parallels, meaning the Source chooses … Read More

Joshua 7


ichard Elliott Friedman in The Hidden Book in the Bible argues the J Source composed all of Jo 7. Let us now look at a few key points in Jo 7. Joshua was confronted with an uncharacteristic moment of clarity when he realized what God meant when he said … Read More

Joshua 6



ericho, which means “moon,” a derivative of Yareach, the Hebrew word for ‘Moon-god’ is the city of palm trees (Dt 34.3; 2 Chr 28.15).  Palm trees were sacred manifestations of the Hebrew goddess Asherah and the Babylonia goddess Ishtar, daughter of the Moon-god, Sin. It was no coincidence … Read More

Joshua 5


f the Rahab narrative in Jo 2 can be provisionally attributed to J, and since Jo 3 is not attributable to J, the next provisional entry in the J corpus may be Jo 5. Richard Elliott Friedman in The Hidden Book in the Bible attributes Jo 5.1-9, 13-15 to … Read More

Joshua 3–in Part


oshua 3, according to Richard Elliott Friedman in The Hidden Book in the Bible, belongs to the J Source because of the appearance of Ark of the Covenant and for the water of the Jordan that is cut off, which, he argues, echoes the parting of the Red … Read More

Joshua 1


n The Hidden Book in the Bible, Richard Elliot Friedman argues the J Source composed much of Joshua. He is alone among scholars who regard Joshua as the work of the Deuteronomist. There are two problems assigning Jo narratives to J. The first is style; the second is … Read More

And the Day’s Best Satire Goes to…



an Schneider at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Schneider’s calling the alt-right racist, anti-Semite and sexist hate group “left-wing fascists” has got to be satire because one, he can’t be serious, and two he is smirking as he tutors his audience on the right way to think. … Read More