Judges 7-9


ecause Richard Elliott Friedman is a literal reader, he cannot discern hidden transcripts, or the veiled verse of subversives who despised God’s draconian doctrines, which explains why in The Hidden Book in the Bible he fails to ascribe to the J Source portions of Judges (7.2-8, 16-22; 8.10-13).

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Judges 4


t naturally follows after the story of Achsah, a story that promotes feminism and the worship of Asherah, that the next J document would be about Jael, the woman who nailed the captain of the enemy of Israel in his noggin and saved Israel. The J scribes wrote the … Read More

Is it any Surprise that Neo-Nazism Coincides with Religious Fundamentalism?



omb threats at Jewish Community Centers. Desecration of a historical Jewish cemetery. Anti-Semitic tweets read ten billion times in 2016. While feministsatire is none the fan of patriarchal Judaism, the Judaism that desecrated the Jewish goddess’ icons and vessels of worship in the name of the fascist God … Read More

The Misunderstanding of Ironic Misandry


 lot of men argue feminists lack empathy for men. Some funny feminists, who call themselves ironic misandrists, mock these men’s expression of hurt and rage in the meme of male tears. Sarah Begley argues that ironic misandrists are not helping the feminist cause. Let’s explore Begley’s argument.

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Religious Freedom Is Just another Term for Religious Fascism


arronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flowers refused to design the wedding flowers for Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed because they are gay. And yet, as we noted in an earlier post, God’s relationship with the men of Israel was homoerotic. God was married to them. God said the men … Read More