Judges 11


lthough Richard Elliott Friedman in The Hidden Book in the Bible assigns all of Jgs 11 to the J Source, it is unlikely Jgs 11.11-27 belongs to J because nowhere within the J documents do the J scribes directly refer to the work of other sources. Perhaps the scribes … Read More

Joshua 2


oshua 2 is a comedic story full of innuendoes that poke fun at the spies who Joshua discharged to reconnoiter the city of Jericho. Because the story mocked the spies, the mockery reflected on Joshua, their commander, who was ridiculed for his appointment of the spies who mucked up … Read More

America’s Hypocrisy over Milo Yiannopoulis’ Hebephilia


oor Milo Yiannopolous’ priest-inflicted projected self-hatred has boomeranged, and the swiftness of the return has Milo reeling. Not only has CPAC withdrawn Milo’s invitation to speak, Simon & Schuster cancelled the publication of Milo’s book Dangerous in response to Milo’s endorsement of hebephilia. While CPAC and S&S have delivered … Read More

What Does ‘God’s Back Parts’ Mean?



n an earlier post feministsatire said God was anti-Semitic. We encouraged you to read the Hebrew Bible, which Christians call the Old Testament, (which is no end of irritation to us because the documents belong to Jews and therefore should be called what Jews call them) to see … Read More

Was God a Bad Father?



od was abusive to his wife Asherah, whom he vilified (Dt 8.19), humiliated (Jer 10.1-5) and attacked with violence repeatedly (Ex 34.13). Since no good father blames, shames, or maims the mother of his children, God was a bad father.

God said he was the father of his … Read More