Is the Bible a Credible Defense against Rape Charges?


lleged rapists Timothy Ciboro and his son Esten Ciboro of Toledo, Ohio argue their sacred right to sexually assault young girls, citing the Old Testament (which is actually the Hebrew Bible) in their defense. feministsatire grieves for the inconceivable trauma they perpetrated on their thirteen-year old victim; at the … Read More

Is Pussy-Pinching out of Hand?


he pussy-grabbing president inspired a new twist on the sexist sport—pussy pinching. Christopher von Keyserling, a Republican town representative for Greenwich, Connecticut, “playfully,” according to his defense attorney Phil Russel, gave a lady “about that much of a pinch” as if the genital frisking followed the five-second rule of … Read More

Don’t watch SNL—Christian Television Is a Laugh Riot


he famous fraudster Jim Bakker on his December 12, 2016 broadcast of the Jim Bakker Show celebrated God’s “shaking” of “Christ’s church” in New Zealand that, he said, “was right after Donald Trump was elected.” First, it’s Christchurch, New Zealand. And second, the photo that Bakker’s station put up … Read More

Three Jeers for a Journalist


inda Kulman, a journalist, wants the world to know she attended the Womxn’s March in Washington D.C. Three toots out to Kulman. There. She has the kudos she solicits. She might have, however, acquainted herself with the movement before writing about the spectacle, and the Salon magazine editors might … Read More

Should the Religious Right Co-opt the Rainbow?


en Ham, the president and founder of Ark Encounter, wants to take back the religious significance of the rainbow.

As everyone knows, Noah built the ark. Fewer people know that Noah’s son, Ham, laughed at Noah’s intersexual genitals when Noah, foregrounded with the ancient grape vine, an intersexual … Read More