Joshua 6



ericho, which means “moon,” a derivative of Yareach, the Hebrew word for ‘Moon-god’ is the city of palm trees (Dt 34.3; 2 Chr 28.15).  Palm trees were sacred manifestations of the Hebrew goddess Asherah and the Babylonia goddess Ishtar, daughter of the Moon-god, Sin. It was no coincidence … Read More

Joshua 5


f the Rahab narrative in Jo 2 can be provisionally attributed to J, and since Jo 3 is not attributable to J, the next provisional entry in the J corpus may be Jo 5. Richard Elliott Friedman in The Hidden Book in the Bible attributes Jo 5.1-9, 13-15 to … Read More

Joshua 3–in Part


oshua 3, according to Richard Elliott Friedman in The Hidden Book in the Bible, belongs to the J Source because of the appearance of Ark of the Covenant and for the water of the Jordan that is cut off, which, he argues, echoes the parting of the Red … Read More

Joshua 2


oshua 2 is a comedic story full of innuendoes that poke fun at the spies who Joshua discharged to reconnoiter the city of Jericho. Because the story mocked the spies, the mockery reflected on Joshua, their commander, who was ridiculed for his appointment of the spies who mucked up … Read More

Joshua 1


n The Hidden Book in the Bible, Richard Elliot Friedman argues the J Source composed much of Joshua. He is alone among scholars who regard Joshua as the work of the Deuteronomist. There are two problems assigning Jo narratives to J. The first is style; the second is … Read More

And the Day’s Best Satire Goes to…



an Schneider at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Schneider’s calling the alt-right racist, anti-Semite and sexist hate group “left-wing fascists” has got to be satire because one, he can’t be serious, and two he is smirking as he tutors his audience on the right way to think. … Read More

Superman: A Flying Leap for Humankind


 rom out of his heart-shaped face, Muhiyidin Moye’s eyes in his mugshot, taken after he was arrested for disorderly conduct for leaping through police tape to snatch a Confederate flag in Charleston, S.C., radiate sadness, anger and compassion. How it was disorderly to take a flying leap at racism, … Read More

Hands-down Victim Blaming



 Haitian black man, Lexene Charles, and his white partner, Heather Lindsay, in Stamford Connecticut, a city in which more than half its residents are white, refuse to remove the racial slur that an unknown person under the cover of night painted across their garage door. Stamford officials cited … Read More