The Misunderstanding of Ironic Misandry


 lot of men argue feminists lack empathy for men. Some funny feminists, who call themselves ironic misandrists, mock these men’s expression of hurt and rage in the meme of male tears. Sarah Begley argues that ironic misandrists are not helping the feminist cause. Let’s explore Begley’s argument.

Ironic … Read More

Are Women Responsible for their Own Safety?



here is no law in any state that requires a pedestrian to look both ways before crossing the street at a crosswalk. One of us of feministsatire saved a girl’s life once. The girl, her grandmother, other pedestrians and our sister satirist were at a busy intersection. The … Read More

Fucking Funny



omen’s relationship with humor is too often one of coy flirting, but if women want true empowerment, women must fuck the funny. We at feministsatire are thinking of the Twitter war between Lauren Duca and Martin Shkreli.

Duca accused Mr. P of gaslighting, and for her piece the … Read More

Do Feminists Have a Sense of Humor?


n remembrance of the late author, actress and mental health activist Carrie Fisher Steve Martin tweeted, “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher she was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.” Martin, who’s played the role of … Read More

Will the Real Feminists Please Stand up?


ecause Mr. P has confessed incestuous fantasies for his daughter, Ivanka, some women think it is well within the realm of trash-talking territory to joke, and feministsatire uses that word loosely, about Ivanka’s familiarity with her creepy father. While a member of the Politico staff, Julia Ioffe tweeted, “Either … Read More

What Did the Womxn’s March Mean?


oke feminists are living a Groundhog’s Day nightmare while Republicans are living the fascist dream, if Rep. Lynn Jenkins’ (R-Kan.) response to HuffPo’s questions are any indication.  HuffPo asked her if Republicans are taking heed of the Womxn’s March and its message, to which Representaive Jenkins replied that they … Read More

Three Jeers for a Journalist


inda Kulman, a journalist, wants the world to know she attended the Womxn’s March in Washington D.C. Three toots out to Kulman. There. She has the kudos she solicits. She might have, however, acquainted herself with the movement before writing about the spectacle, and the Salon magazine editors might … Read More