America’s Hypocrisy over Milo Yiannopoulis’ Hebephilia


oor Milo Yiannopolous’ priest-inflicted projected self-hatred has boomeranged, and the swiftness of the return has Milo reeling. Not only has CPAC withdrawn Milo’s invitation to speak, Simon & Schuster cancelled the publication of Milo’s book Dangerous in response to Milo’s endorsement of hebephilia. While CPAC and S&S have delivered … Read More

Milo’s Hate Speech Is a Cry for Help



ilo Yiannopoulos, the adult white supremacist troll-turned ring-wing spokesperson for free hate speech, is incensed that people are accusing him of endorsing pedophilia. For the record, the internet slag has not endorsed pedophilia, in spite of Bust magazine’s insistence to the contrary in their headline “Here’s A Read More

Why Don’t Traditionally Toxic Men Embrace Environmentalism?


 series of studies have shown that toxic men perceive an eco-friendly ethos to be a girly thing.

Green is feminine, as our Judeo-Christian culture informs us. The creation stories in the Hebrew Bible express two different views toward the earth. In the Priestly version, according to the Documentary Hypothesis, … Read More