Is it any Surprise that Neo-Nazism Coincides with Religious Fundamentalism?



omb threats at Jewish Community Centers. Desecration of a historical Jewish cemetery. Anti-Semitic tweets read ten billion times in 2016. While feministsatire is none the fan of patriarchal Judaism, the Judaism that desecrated the Jewish goddess’ icons and vessels of worship in the name of the fascist God … Read More

There Is No Humanity


fter much spit and spasm all around we’ve regained our composure somewhat to ask, why is Alexander Historical Auctions allowed to sell the smut of anti-Semitic materials that proliferated during the Nazi propagandist regime? Its catalog describes a hate piece as “vile” as if the auction house considers the … Read More

What’s Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander



emember your Sunday school teaching about the beast in Revelations 13? No one could buy or sell without the name or the number of the beast’s name on his right hand or forehead. Leave it to the Christians to come up with such a scary scenario that would … Read More

Religious Freedom Is Just another Term for Religious Fascism


arronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flowers refused to design the wedding flowers for Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed because they are gay. And yet, as we noted in an earlier post, God’s relationship with the men of Israel was homoerotic. God was married to them. God said the men … Read More

Was God a Bad Father?



od was abusive to his wife Asherah, whom he vilified (Dt 8.19), humiliated (Jer 10.1-5) and attacked with violence repeatedly (Ex 34.13). Since no good father blames, shames, or maims the mother of his children, God was a bad father.

God said he was the father of his … Read More

White Supremacists Unite Jews and Muslims



ecause the alt-right faction of Christianity hates Jews and Muslims equally, both of which persecuted religious groups revere the same father as Christians—Abraham, the alt-right might actually achieve peace in the holy land by uniting Muslims and Jews–against white supremacy. It’s sick, we know. But that doesn’t mean … Read More