For All the Kiddies Suffering from Sexual Abuse




e at feministsatire want to write a self-help manual for children who have had the sanctity of their person stolen from them by sexual abuse. The manual, as we envision it, would acclimatize them. But we’ve only conceived the outline. It goes like this.

Dissociation: In the … Read More

Will the Real Feminists Please Stand up?


ecause Mr. P has confessed incestuous fantasies for his daughter, Ivanka, some women think it is well within the realm of trash-talking territory to joke, and feministsatire uses that word loosely, about Ivanka’s familiarity with her creepy father. While a member of the Politico staff, Julia Ioffe tweeted, “Either … Read More

Jerky Persky Thinks Punishment is Pesky


Judge Aaron Persky is the finest of legal equivocators. 

Had Jane Doe aka Emily Doe known when she wrote “the damage is done” that Persky would wrangle her words into a justification to reduce Brock Turner’s sentencing, she would not have voiced her pain that Persky so skillfully rationalized … Read More

Rapist Is Grateful for Rape Culture




ry telling the Texas-born Idaho-transplant John R.K. Howard who was accused of anally raping an Idahoan disabled black teenage boy with a coat hanger that rape culture doesn’t exist. We at feministsatire can imagine what he might say: “Thank god rape culture exists, or my white ass … Read More

The Circumcision Song Lyrics Awaiting Musical Score and Performers


o you have a little baby boy

Who’s your pride and joy

For whom you’ll buy toy

Trucks and rifles.

Because you don’t want to trifle

With traditional masculinity

You’re going to subject him

To the female equivalent of a hymen

And steal his virginity

By chopping off his … Read More