Just How Liberal Are You?


he early Jews were a people devoted to religious diversity, which is why God hated them. The alt-right identify with this autocratic God because they hate everyone who embraces freedom of thought. The early Jews practiced polytheism, many of them worshipping God and his wife Asherah in tandem. feministsatire … Read More

An Eye for an Eye, a Verse for a Verse



ight-wing populists who cry “fake news” have co-opted the German word for “lying press,” Lügenpresse, which, according to The Economist, means “any medium that does not reflect the user’s own worldview, and must therefore be propagated by a hated ‘Other.’”

Crying “fake news” is as old … Read More

What’s in a Word?


here is evidence in the language of biblical Hebrew that the ancient people whom God took to himself were originally matriarchate because, although given to men after their fathers, the tribes’ ‘inheritance,’ nachalah, ‘possession,’ ‘achuzzah,  and ‘generations,’ towlĕdah, are feminine nouns.

While the word for the ‘inheritance’ and … Read More

Why Not “In Goddess We Trust”?


eministsatire is feminist because “In God We Trust” is the official motto of American currency. So it is true that money is the root of all evil, and that evil is God. If you believe God should be removed from our currency, sign this petition.

This is the … Read More