Three Jeers for a Journalist


inda Kulman, a journalist, wants the world to know she attended the Womxn’s March in Washington D.C. Three toots out to Kulman. There. She has the kudos she solicits. She might have, however, acquainted herself with the movement before writing about the spectacle, and the Salon magazine editors might have perused her piece before publishing it because Kulman remarks that two signs: “‘Feeling uncomfortable is a necessary part of unlearning oppressive behavior’ And another: ‘Feminism must be intersectional’” were “incoherent.” Had Kulman never heard of intersectional feminism? Obviously her white privilege entitles her to remain ignorant.  As to the memorable insight about stepping outside one’s comfort zone to appreciate how white women, marginalized though we be, still enjoy more visibility than women of color– what’s not to understand? The two signs go hand in hand, and for their being perfectly paired the editor of feministsatire puts her two hands together. You can’t hear it, but the applause is thunderous, imagining as she does woke feminists joining with her.

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