Don’t watch SNL—Christian Television Is a Laugh Riot


he famous fraudster Jim Bakker on his December 12, 2016 broadcast of the Jim Bakker Show celebrated God’s “shaking” of “Christ’s church” in New Zealand that, he said, “was right after Donald Trump was elected.” First, it’s Christchurch, New Zealand. And second, the photo that Bakker’s station put up to illustrate the mighty moving of God is from the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, a devastation that preceded Trump’s win by five years. “Because God loves his church,” Bakker reasoned, God destroyed “Christ’s church.”

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND – FEBRUARY 23: Rescue workers search for survivors on February 23, 2011 in Christchurch, New Zealand. The 6.3 magnitude earthquake – an aftershock of the 7.1 magnitude quake on September 4 – struck 20km southeast of Christchurch at around 1pm local time, with initial reports suggesting damage and fatalities far exceeding the initial quake. (Photo by Martin Hunter/Getty Images)

Bakker and Tom Horn, Bakker’s prophetic guest, cheered at the promise of end times a comin’. There’s going to be some “shaking up.” Some “shake, rattle and roll.” Ye hah Yehovah!

Horn was impressed that Bakker recovered from his shameful past. “The world wanted to destroy you. A lot of people in the organized church wanted to destroy you. Wanted to shame you. Wanted to dance on your grave.” He goes on to remember when Bakker was “out of prison; you were penniless.” It is “absolutely impossible” that Bakker would rise again out of his cesspool, Horn said. Hallelublah! “You go to prison; you get out of prison, and here’s what I’m looking at today. The October cover of Charisma magazine with Donald Trump and Mike Pence, right? One month later, November, the very next month is Jim Bakker and it says ‘Back from the Brink.’” Hallelublah! “People don’t realize that we were on the brink, and when I say ‘brink’ I mean evil supernaturalism….And God in his benevolent mercy, how improbable was it that a man who can’t put ten words back to back in a cohesive sentence becomes the the head of the most powerful nation on earth?”

Jim Bakker marveled, “If God can elect Trump, he can do anything.”

These guys are their own SNL skit.

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